I tried running
I tried hiding
I tried everything but dying
Damn the days we took for granted.
Never again will I let anyone close to me.

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Mineral - Gloria

'Cause I just want to be something more
Than the mud in your eyes
I want to be the clay in your hands

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Waxahatchee // I Got Brains Fest 2012 // by Aimee Lin

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Eating snowflakes with plastic forks and a paper plate, of course you think of everything.

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"Plush"  -Stone temple Pilots

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Marc Dennis, The End of the World, 2013, oil on linen, 36x40 inches, courtesy of Hasted Krautler, New York

You’re So Last Summer - Taking Back Sunday

All I need to know is that I’m something you’ll be missing. It’s pathetic.

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